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Cat6 vs. Cat7

Have you ever ever heard of Cat6 and Cat7? Effectively, if you happen to’re not a technician, you’d in all probability have confusion or don’t know what these phrases imply. To chop to the chase, Cat6 and Cat7 are Ethernet cable sorts. Nevertheless, if you happen to’re curious to know the way Cat6 cables and Cat7 are completely different and what their purposes are, learn alongside.

You’ll discover a transient description of Cat6 and Cat7, professionals and cons, and a comparability desk on this article. So, let’s start.

What’s Cat 6 (Class 6)?

Cat6 or class 6 is an Ethernet cable sort used principally at houses or places of work for enabling a community connection. Class 6, because the title suggests, is the sixth gen cable, outlined by the EIA and TIA. Such cables are appropriate with the CAT 5e and CAT 5 cables in a backward method.

The Cat6 wiring helps knowledge switch charges of as much as 10GB/s and a most frequency of about 250Mhz. Cat6 cables are tightly sure and have two or extra twists each cm. Nevertheless, the variety of twists varies from producer to producer.

The Cat6 cables include thicker sheaths as in comparison with its earlier technology. Whereas a lot of the Ethernet helps as much as 100m within the distance, the Cat6 helps solely round 37-55m. And due to the thickness of the sheath, the Cat6 wires are protected towards Alien Crosstalk and Close to-Finish Crosstalk.

Execs & Cons of Cat 6

Let’s now transfer in the direction of the professionals and cons of Cat6 cables.


  • Price-effective to purchase and set up
  • Cat6 cables provide higher insulation
  • Meets most family necessities
  • Recognition from EIA and TIA
  • Suitable backward with the final two generations


  • Set up is kind of onerous
  • Cat6 cables can’t handle a number of purposes
  • Life span is brief
  • Cat6 cables have a much less bandwidths as in comparison with the Cat7

How Quick is Cat 6?

The Cat6 cables provide a knowledge switch price of 1 Gigabit/second. Nevertheless, this velocity is a theoretical worth. The true worth might be much less due to a number of collisions, interruptions, or transient failures. But when the situations are optimum, you’ll be able to obtain speeds of about 900Mbps for a quick interval.

The Cat6 cables can simply handle as much as 10Gigabit connections inside a restricted distance. A single Cat6 cable can permit a single 10Gigabit connection over a 164 ft distance.

What Connectors Do CAT 6 Cables Use?

The Cat6 cables use Jack45 (RJ-45) connectors, which can also be utilized by the previous-gen of the Ethernet cables. The RJ45 plugs include eight pins the place every wire of the cat6 cable connects electrically. Ideally, every wire strand is inserted at about 1 millimeter aside with the assistance of a crimping software.

Within the (RJ-45) plug, the plug means the male finish of this connection. And the jack means the feminine finish the place the male finish or plug is inserted.

What Is Cat 7 (Class 7)?

cat 7 ethernet cable

Cat7 cables are the higher variations of Cat6. Cat7 cables provide higher bandwidth and velocity with regards to knowledge transmission. That’s the rationale why Cat7 cables  are costly as in comparison with the Cat6. However if you happen to think about the efficiency and benefits, the worth you pay is price it.

The Cat7 cables can simply attain speeds of as much as 100GBs/second in a variety of as much as 15 meters. Now, if you happen to’re inside this vary, the Cat7 will be simply related with the newest routers and modems after which to your units.

Just like the Cat6 Ethernet cables, the Cat7 cables are additionally shielded. It’s performed to take away any noise and helps improve the standard of the connection.

Execs and Cons of Cat 7

Discover the professionals and cons of Cat7 cables under: –


  • The noise and crosstalk is minimal on this case
  • It’s nice for contemporary houses
  • Cat7 cables have a greater lifespan
  • Cat7 provide backward compatibility
  • Provide higher velocity
  • It affords higher bandwidth


  • Suited to places of work {and professional} areas.
  • The preliminary price and set up are expensive
  • The Cat7 has no recognition from TIA/EIA
  • Cat7 wires are onerous to put in

How Quick is Cat 7?

The Cat7 cables can help speeds of as much as 10GBps. Nevertheless, the laboratory testing proved that you could possibly obtain as much as 40GBs/second over a distance of fifty meters, and in excessive instances, you’ll be able to contact 100GBs/second.

It mentioned that the “Class F,” which is the newer model of cabling, can help higher frequencies of as much as 600Mhz. Nevertheless, Cat7 being a more recent variant, is but not authorized by TIA/IEA for telecommunications. So, you need to assume twice earlier than utilizing it.

What Connectors Do CAT 7 Cables Use?

There’s no use of the RJ-45 connectors within the case of Cat7 cables. The Cat7 cables make use of the modified GigGate 45 connector.

Comparability Desk of Cat 6 Vs Cat 7 

Cat 6 vs Cat 7

Let’s evaluate Cat6 and Cat7 utilizing a comparability desk: –

Elements Cat6 Cat7
Shielded Sure Sure
Most bandwidth 250Mhz 600Mhz
Most transmission 1GBs/s over 100m 10GBs/s over 100m & 15GB/s over 15m
Price of set up Much less Extra
Recognition from TIA/EIA Sure No
Crosstalk/Noise Extra Much less

Why are the Copper wires in Cat6 & Cat7 twisted?

The copper wires throughout the Cat7 and Cat6 cables are twisted in order to scale back interference. When the interference decreases, the crosstalk decreases & the vary will increase, which helps in enhancing the connection velocity and high quality. It’s the rationale cables with extra turns are higher by way of eliminating noise and crosstalk.

Is Cat7 the quickest Ethernet cable?

No. There’s one other model often known as Cat8. The Cat8 cables have higher shielding, which protects its conductors from EMI or electromagnetic interference. The Cat8 cables can attain speeds of as much as 40GBs/second and frequencies of as much as 2Ghz.

What Ethernet Cable Ought to I Use?

Whichever Ethernet cable meets your necessities the very best is what it is best to go for. Nevertheless, as per the consultants, if you happen to’re shopping for an Ethernet cable on your residence, it is best to go for Cat6 cables. It may well simply handle your fundamental downloads and even on-line gaming wants. So, you probably have an excellent web connection at your house, the Cat6 cables gained’t allow you to down.

In case you will have skilled necessities like it is advisable run a number of purposes, Cat6 cables may restrict you. And on this scenario, it is best to go for Cat7 cables. The Cat7 cables can show extra dependable right here as a result of they help a number of connections with out inflicting many errors or crosstalk.


By now, you’d have identified what Cat7 and Cat6 cables are and what they’re used for. Each these Ethernet cables have their very own benefits and drawbacks however nonetheless serve the aim fairly nicely. And if you happen to’re unable to determine, you’ll be able to confer with the above paragraph. We hope this text will clear all of your questions relating to Cat7 and Cat6 cables.

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