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Sorts of Saws

Saws are probably the most important gear which can be used to chop totally different supplies. They’ve been in use for 1000’s of years.

Whereas initially, they have been solely used to chop wooden, the trendy saws can reduce a variety of supplies with a excessive degree of precision. The trendy saws are powered utilizing electrical energy, gasoline, and different gasoline which makes them extra highly effective.

When selecting a noticed, the very first thing it’s important to think about is whether or not you desire a hand-operated noticed or the saws that run on gasoline. The saws that run on gasoline, known as energy saws, are extra versatile.

There’s additionally one different foremost issue – tooth per inch (TPI). The noticed blades which have the next TPI score will produce easy and clear cuts.

The article covers the entire record of saws on the market and highlights the perfect use of every noticed.

1. Hand Saws

Because the title implies, a hand noticed just isn’t powered by gasoline or electrical energy. It’s a must to use your fingers to generate power and reduce the wooden. Some sorts of hand saws are used as common reducing instruments whereas different sorts are designed for a selected fashion of reducing.

Here’s a full record of various kinds of hand saws,

Again Noticed

Back Saw

The backsaw is brief and has a slim blade that comes with extra assist alongside the higher edge. You need to use the again noticed together with a miter field to create miter joints on the desired angles.

The black saws are perfect for producing straight cuts and right-angled cuts. Additionally they go underneath the aliases of miter saws and tenon saws.

Finest for: Creating straight and right-angled cuts

Bow Noticed

Bow Saw

Formed within the type of a bow and therefore the title, bow noticed. It’s a sort of crosscut noticed that has an extended blade with crosscut tooth. While you transfer the bow noticed backward and forward, it’ll take away the supplies.

Bow saws are perfect for reducing logs, pruning, and trimming timber. In some instances, they’re additionally used to supply tough cuts.

Finest for: Reducing logs and pruning timber

Coping Noticed

Coping Saw

Coping saws include a skinny and slim blade that makes them best for offering intricate cuts. It is among the hottest saws that’s utilized by individuals in several professions.

You need to use the coping noticed for trimming, scrolling, and making precision cuts.

Finest for: Making intricate cuts and trimming

Crosscut Noticed

Crosscut Saw

The crosscut saws have a thick blade with giant and beveled tooth. The crosscut saws are perfect for trimming branches and rough-cutting wooden. They’re primarily utilized in development websites.

The larger crosscut saws include handles on every finish of the blade and are utilized by two individuals. These are used to chop the wooden perpendicularly.

Finest for: Reducing wooden

Fret Noticed

Fret Saw

Just like the coping noticed, it comes with an extended and slim blade that’s used to provide intricate cuts. The fret noticed a much bigger physique body that means that you can reduce from the outer edges.

However you can’t rotate the blade which makes it tough to place the noticed whereas making intricate cuts.

Finest for: Making intricate cuts



Hacksaw is light-weight and is used for a variety of reducing purposes. You’ll be able to change the blades relying on the fabric you need to reduce by means of. The blades have a tooth depend of 18 to 32 per inch.

Utilizing this, you may reduce steel, wooden, plastic, and another supplies. The hacksaw is mostly used for reducing pipes and tubing.

Finest for: Reducing pipes and tubing

Gap Noticed

Hole Saw

The outlet saws are fitted to a drill which lets you reduce holes in wooden, concrete, steel, plastic, and different supplies.

Relying on the fabric you need to reduce, you may select the blade materials. You even have the choice of going with bi-metal gap saws that assist you to reduce extra supplies. However, if you wish to reduce by means of tougher supplies, you desire a gap noticed whose tooth are coated with diamond or carbide.

Finest for: Creating holes in wooden, concrete, steel, plastic, and different supplies

Japanese Noticed

Japanese Saw

The Japanese noticed includes a lengthy deal with and a skinny, slim reducing blade. The noticed is simple to deal with which lets you reduce the wooden with extra precision. Additionally, with the lengthy deal with, you can also make cuts with any desired angles that you could be not have the ability to do with different saws.

The Japanese saws are available in three differing kinds – kataba, ryoba, and dozuki. With the Japanese noticed, you may reduce comfortable and hardwood with a excessive degree of precision.

Finest for: Making precision cuts in onerous and softwood

Keyhole Noticed

Keyhole Saw

The keyhole noticed has a spherical deal with with a pointed blade utilizing which you’ll tough reduce circles or comparable patterns. The noticed is extra generally used to chop holes by means of concrete than wooden.

Utilizing this, you may take away small round parts from drywall or make patterns in wall interiors.

Finest for: Reducing holes by means of concrete partitions

Pole Noticed

Pole Saw

The pole of this noticed might be prolonged as much as a most of 16 ft relying on the precise mannequin. The blade measures 6 to eight inches and is mostly used to prune timber.

The newest fashions of pole saws are extra highly effective and include both gasoline or electrical energy as a gasoline supply.

Finest for: Pruning timber

Pruning Noticed

Pruning Saw

The pruning noticed includes a distinctive pistol-style grip deal with and a curve blade measuring 13 to fifteen inches. The curve blade is able to reducing on either side utilizing coarse tooth.

The pruning noticed is usually utilized by landscapers, garden companies, and tree surgeons.

Finest for: Trimming shrubs, grass, and timber

Rip-Reduce Noticed

Rip-Cut Saw

A sort of hand noticed that you need to use for reducing hardwood. The blade has fewer tooth per inch however the tooth are very sharp to chop the wooden. In case you are on the lookout for a noticed to chop woods, then this might match the invoice.

Finest for: Reducing onerous and softwood

Veneer Noticed

Veneer Saw

Because the title has it, this noticed is particularly used for veneer works. The veneer noticed has a brief blade with 13 tooth per inch and is pointed on either side. You received’t usually discover this noticed getting used for another reducing aside from veneer works.

Finest for: Veneer works

Wallboard Noticed

Wallboard Saw

Resembling a keyhole noticed, the wallboard noticed includes a brief and broad blade with edges on either side. The blade has fewer tooth per inch when in comparison with different saws.

Utilizing this, you may put puncture by means of or put small holes in drywall. It’s usually used to make starter holes for drilling or utilizing different such energy instruments.

Finest for: Creating small holes in partitions

2. Energy Saws

The facility saws serve reducing functions which can be very totally different from the handsaws. Whereas some energy saws have developed on the capabilities of handsaws, they don’t seem to be used for a similar functions. They discover their very own purposes.

The facility saws are typically clustered into three totally different teams – Steady band, Reciprocating blade, and Round blade.

Beneath, you will see a whole record of the totally different energy noticed sorts obtainable available in the market.

Stationary Band Noticed

Stationary Band Saw

The stationery band noticed is among the largest saws you’ll ever come throughout. It makes use of giant pulleys on both facet of the reducing desk which strikes a steady band.

The band has nice tooth on its floor that reduce by means of nearly all supplies if you place them on the reducing desk. Utilizing this, you can also make curve reducing on woods and reducing tubes, PVC, and piping. You may as well trim boards to shed their thickness utilizing this noticed.

However, the disadvantage is you may solely make the reduce for a couple of inches. Apart from, it’s time-consuming and also you want plenty of persistence.

Finest for: Curve reducing on wooden, reducing tubes, and piping.

Transportable Band Noticed

Portable Band Saw

It’s the moveable model of the stationary band noticed permitting you to hold it anyplace and carry out the reducing duties.

However with this, you may solely reduce pipes as much as a most diameter of three to 4 inches. Apart from, if you wish to make straight cuts, it’s important to put in further effort.

Finest for: Making curve cuts in small diameter pipes


Chain Saw

The preferred and probably the most extensively used noticed for reducing wooden logs and chopping timber. The blade is roofed by a series with sharp tooth that rips the wooden whereas reducing. Chainsaws fall into the group of band saws.

Finest for: Reducing wooden and chopping timber

Chop Noticed

Chop Saw

Chop noticed is among the largest moveable round saws that you will see available in the market. It is available in both a steel or a concrete reducing model. The later model reduces mud when you find yourself reducing by together with a connection for a water line.

The blades of the chop saws don’t include any tooth. As a substitute, they’re made from particular abrasives that reduce by means of the supplies. The chop saws go by totally different names comparable to abrasive saws, cut-off saws, and concrete saws.

Finest for: Reducing by means of concrete

Round Noticed

Circular Saw

The round saws are probably the most regularly used energy saws. The blades of those saws are coated by tooths and measure 7 to 9 inches in diameter.

These saws are very versatile and you may reduce totally different supplies comparable to steel, wooden, plastic, and masonry by altering the blades.

Finest for: Reducing all supplies

Compound Miter Noticed

Compound Miter Saw

On this compound miter noticed, you may mount the blade on an arm whose angle might be adjusted to get the specified cuts. They’re typically used to provide compound, straight, and miter cuts.

Finest for: Trimming home windows and including crown molding

Flooring Noticed

Flooring Saw

The flooring noticed is a specialised noticed that’s used to resaw flooring. The noticed is moveable which saves plenty of time as you do should spend time shifting the supplies.

Apart from, the flooring noticed replaces the miter noticed, desk noticed, and different equipment that it is advisable reduce flooring.

Finest for: Resaw and reduce flooring



Jigsaw includes a shirt blade that strikes up and down at totally different speeds you preset. The blade has nice tooths that reduce supplies. The jigsaws include corded and cordless choices. The cordless ones assist you to transfer freely with out being restricted by wires.

Utilizing the jigsaws, you may reduce curves and different non-straight strains on totally different supplies. For thicker supplies, you may improve the pace of the blade.

Finest for: Reducing curves

Miter Noticed

Miter Saw

The miter noticed resembles a handsaw and is used to trim supplies and make precision angle cuts. The noticed can rotate as much as 45 levels on both facet and you may set it up at an angle based mostly on the reduce you want.

Finest for: Precision angle cuts

Oscillating Noticed

Oscillating Saw

Because the title implies, it has an oscillating blade positioned at one finish. You’ll be able to change the blade relying on the fabric you need to reduce. Aside from reducing, you too can grind, take away caulk or grout, and scrap supplies.

Finest for: Reduce, grind, and scrap supplies

Panel Noticed

Panel Saw

The panel noticed are available in horizontal and vertical alignments which can be used to chop giant panels. The horizontal panel noticed has a sliding feeding desk the place you place the fabric to be chopped.

Within the case of vertical panel saws, it’s important to both feed the fabric or connect a blade that slides by means of the panel.

Finest for: Reducing giant panels

Radial Arm Noticed

Radial Arm Saw

Utilizing the radial arm noticed, you may create equivalent miter cuts, compound cuts, and extra. This noticed has a motor and blade fitted to an arm that extends over the reducing desk.

Some radial arm saws have the choice to switch the straight blade with a round blade.

Finest for: Making equivalent cuts

Reciprocating Noticed

Reciprocating Saw

The reciprocating noticed includes a brief blade that strikes backwards and forwards to chop the supplies. Utilizing the reciprocating noticed, you may reduce wooden and plastics.

You may as well use it to chop under the partitions or joints made by woods because the noticed is able to reducing nails as effectively.

Finest for: Reducing partitions and wooden joints

Rotary Noticed

Rotary Saw

These saws include a screwdriver-design deal with and a hard and fast blade. It’s mostly used for reducing by means of concrete partitions, paneling, and different minor reducing duties.

Finest for: Making cuts in concrete partitions

Scroll Noticed

Scroll Saw

The scroll noticed includes a rotating feeding desk and a blade related to an arm. The blade cuts the supplies whereas the desk is rotating to create curves which have sharp edges.

Finest for: Making edged curve-cuttings

Desk Noticed

Table Saw

The desk noticed makes use of a motor that rotates at excessive pace to function the blade. You’ll be able to change the reducing depth by modifying the size of the blade from the desk. You need to use both a masonry blade or a steel blade for reducing functions. However, it’s important to guarantee that the blade helps the rpm of the motor.

Finest for: Creating equivalent cuts and rip cuts

Tile Noticed

Tile Saw

The tile noticed makes use of a blade that’s coated with diamond to make cuts on onerous surfaces. It has a water cooling system that stops it from overheating. For guaranteeing straight cuts, it comes with a miter.

One of many specialties of this noticed is which you could reduce glass with out breaking it. However it’s important to select the proper blade and mannequin to attain glass cuts.

Finest for: Reducing glass and ceramic tiles

Observe Noticed

Track Saw

The monitor noticed connects to a gliding rail that makes it resemble a round noticed. It’s a must to place the fabric on the rail and transfer the blade alongside the rail to create the specified reduce.

Finest for: Creating straight cuts on woods and different supplies


Through the years, saws have developed into specialised reducing instruments which can be used for particular reducing functions. As you could have seen, you can’t use the identical noticed to chop totally different supplies. If you wish to get a selected reduce, you could have specialised noticed sorts for that as effectively.

Primarily based on the fabric you need to reduce and the specified reduce, you may go for a noticed from the above record.

For those who nonetheless have difficulties in selecting a noticed, please tell us utilizing the feedback part. We are going to assist you to out. You may as well submit your ideas and opinions within the feedback field.

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